Our Students


7th Grade

Since his father was kidnapped, Elie’s mother has been beside herself, overwhelmed by what she has had to do to make ends meet. There has been no news of her husband’s whereabouts since the kidnapping. In order to help the family out, Elie not only performs some of the heavy tasks around the house for his mother, but also finds small jobs around town to help support the family, like going to draw water at wells for local restaurants.


7th Grade

The youngest of a family of four, my name is Nathalie. Since arriving at Prince of peace, I have been happy. I am well formed by my professors who really please me because it’s the best care I have ever received at a school. When other schools have strikes or protests, we never suspend classes. The facilities are beautiful and we feel safe.


7th Grade

The third of five children, this young man has lived with his mother alone from a young age. A widow, she is a nurse by trade but has not been able to find work. To survive she sells charcoal on the street. Vyasoya Sage comments, « The school really runs well. Many thanks to our professors who dedicate so much time to us.


This student lost both of his parents during rebel massacres. He is redoing 7th grade. He was so severely traumatized that his behavior at school has been clearly affected: aggressive, disobedient…A family here in Beni has taken him in. He is also struggling academically. We have to exercise a lot of patience with him.


7th Grade

This young man is one of the most serious in the school. He usually comes in first or second in his class. He is nicknamed by his classmates, “Reverend Father.” He would like to become a religious. His family didn’t have the money to send him to the high school seminary where he passed the entrance test, so he is here as a “consolation prize.”


7th Grade

The eldest daughter, Sarah lives with her mother who is a nurse by trade but without work. She survives by working fields almost 30 kms (18 miles) from Beni to which she must often walk for lack of public transportation. Sarah’s father was a money-changer, whose profession attracted attention and led to his kidnapping by unknown men. Four years later, his fate is still unknown


7th Grade

Suzane is the second daughter in a family of seven children. She writes, “I am happy at Prince of Peace. We have a really good set-up. We are loved by our teachers and they give us a good education. May God bless all those who have made this school possible. Whatever the future may hold here at the school in terms of academic offerings, I’ll never leave to go elsewhere. When I grow up, I will be a housewife. I will have two children whom I will love as my parents love me.


7th Grade

The second daughter of her family, Mukubwa Ghismine is now living in Beni, a refugee of the war. After spending time living in the town of Beni, her parents preferred being closer to their fields near Oicha. It is there that they lost the father of the family in an armed rebel ambush. Since the death of the family wage-earner, his wife chose to move back to town for reasons of security.


When Yves’ parents were kidnapped by marauding rebel soldiers as they worked in their cocoa fields several years ago some 15 miles north of Beni, he was left an orphan. There has been no news regarding his parents. Taken in by a local family, he has relied almost completely on benefactors’ donations to attend Prince of Peace.

Angali Raphaël Mumbere

7th Grade

My name is Angali Raphaël Mumbere. I was born in Beni on February 21, 2005. My father’s name is Julien and my mother’s, Léonie Kibonge. I am their eldest son. I have three younger brothers. Beginning at this school this year I am now in 7th grade. I have been very warmly received at Prince of Peace. I love our school; it’s built solidly. Students are given respect here.