Sponsor A Child

How do Sponsorships work?

Your donation is used primarily to offset school fees, but also may help with school supplies. Once a sponsor is paired with a child, you will receive a photo and brief information on your student. In July of each year, you will receive a request for a donation for the upcoming school year. We support our students through high school graduation. If we have received updated photos, correspondence and school year results, these will be sent via email.

How will I recieve updates?

As a sponsor, you will receive updates on your child as we receive them. Communication with Congo is very limited and generally the updates we receive is a current picture as well as some information on how well your student did that school year. This is done by email. We also write two newsletters per year with general information concerning the situation in Congo, new projects, students and sponsors stories, etc. These photos and written text provide transparency to our many sponsors and donors.

Your donation goes further than you may think

Fr. Salvator Musande, who is one of the co - founders, had this to say about the importance of education in Congo. He truly believed the education of Congo's young people was the key to lifting Congo out of poverty. Education opened doors for that student, his/her family, their village and eventually the broader community. It brought hope where otherwise, there was only a bleak existence.

The Cost of Sponsorship


That is the cost of sponsoring a child in Beni, Butembo, Kyondo, Bibwa and the many village schools in Congo.

Your yearly $120 donation insures that your student can remain in school throughout high school graduation.